Wood Sky Sage is the vision of creatives Ben and Kate. Collaborating in love, life and art for 5 years, here we have created a collection of handcrafted wood and eco-resin home-wares and hand poured essential oil blends.

Our pieces have been made for reverence, ritual, celebration, purpose and play.

Wood Sky Sage endeavours to use repurposed and sustainable sources of  local timber, eco-resin,  and earth friendly, fair-trade, and organic oils where possible. We love our earthly home and try to create with care and attention to its preservation and the valuing equally of all life upon it.

In our Byron Bay hinterland studio, working with wood and plant essence, we find ourselves communing with natures gifts, holding an intimate and reverent relationship with the raw products we use.  We hope that our creations  will become a part of your honouring of nature's bounty, and all of life as well.

Love & Light,

Kate and Ben